As diverse as the Materials –
So diverse our Possibilities

The vast number of different material systems, their formulations and process / processing requirements are an essential factor in the selection and configuration of a Casting Machine. We can not only draw on our experience as a machine builder, but also on the practical experience in polyurethane processing in our two sister companies.

As a contract manufacturer, they process various material systems on our Mixing and Dispensing Machines to produce different polyurethane elastomer parts for a wide range of applications and industries.

This gives us good and practical feedback on the quality and functionality of our machines and every new development. More than 30 years of experience in this business make the difference and guarantee customized solutions that are easy to operate and reliable in operation!

This is not for our benefit as machine manufacturer only – but also a huge benefit for you as a PU processor!

Temperaturefrom 10 to 150°C

Viscosityfrom 1 to 130.000 mPas

Densityfrom 0,4 to 2,0 g/cm3

outputfrom 0,015 to 200 kg/min

Your Requirements – Our Challenge

Process temperatures, viscosities, material densities, mixing ratios and pot live-times are, in addition to the process and production requirements, decisive for the selection, design and configuration of the optimal dosing system.

Our experienced team of technicians stays at your assistance for your questions – Challenge us!

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