Polyurethane Elastomers

The material with (nearly) unlimited possibilities

Polyurethane (PUR) is a wonderful material when it comes to properties such as low abrasion, high cut resistance, high elasticity or permanent elasticity. Wherever an elastic part or a flexible coating with particular mechanical wear resistance or exceptional chemical / biological resistance is required, components made of Polyurethane are used successfully.

Depending on which part is to be manufactured or what requirements are placed on the properties of the part and the production process, the material can be applied using different methods.

The most common are for example:

  • Mold casting
  • Rotational casting
  • Rotational coating
  • Spraying …

Various Isocyanates as e.g. MDI, TDI, NDI / Vulkollan as well as Polyester, Polyether or Polycarbonate systems can be processed in hardness range from 40 ShoreA to 75 ShoreD on 2-, 3- or Multi Component Casting Machines.

First and foremost, the required Processing Temperature of the individual material components decides whether a Cold or Hot Casting Machine is required. This depends in particular on the type of Crosslinker used. The most known are for example:

  • Butanediol
  • Amine based systems as e.g. Mboca, HQEE, MCDEA or Ethacure

Special properties in a casted PU part can also be achieved by combining two or more polyurethane formulations.

This means, for example, that different hardnesses, colors and even different material systems (Compact and Foamed PU) can be combined in one part in order to achieve the best possible damping, paired with enormous wear resistance.

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