As diverse as the Industries –
So diverse our Solutions with Polyurethane

One of the great advantages of liquid reactive systems such as Polyurethane is the unbelievable range of possible uses.

Whether wear resistant and/or highly stressed Polyurethane Parts (e.g. baffle plates, screens a.s.o.) in the Construction or Mining Industry – Water-, chemical- or biological resistant parts (e.g.  pipe connectors, bend restrictors
   a.s.o.) in the Offshore or Chemical / Petrochemical industry – or Soft and skin friendly parts (e.g. earplugs, wound pads a.s.o.) for the Medical Technology …. Our casting machines are versatile.

Whatever Industry you are in and whatever product you want to produceWe have the Experience, We have the Technology, and We have the Solution!

One Partner – One single source

It is our goal to know your requirements and wishes exactly, in order to develop and build the most suitable solution for our customers. Therefore, a partnership wise cooperation as well as a good and honest consulting is important to us.

We offer an All Inclusive Package – From consulting and engineering to production, commissioning, training and after-sales service. Spare parts can be shipped out of our warehouse within shortest time and our team is available to you worldwide – Competent and reliable.

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Maschinery & Engineering

The versatility of polyurethane makes it extremely interesting for the use in mechanical engineering. Special properties and thus problem solutions can be achieved through specific formulations.

From antistatic or highly wear-resistant scraper bars or screw conveyors to impact plates or forklift wheels, where the elastic and damping properties of polyurethane are required. Our dispensing machines enable you to to produce your parts efficiently and with a high quality.

Steel & Sheet Metal Processing

Due to outstanding properties such as cut resistance, oil resistance, electrical conductivity and resistance to strong dynamic loads, there are many possible uses for polyurethane components in the steel and metal processing or production, such as coil mats, collision guards, press pads, linings or vibratory grinding machines.

Electrics & Electronics

To protect against dirt and moisture, sensitive electronic components are cast in polyurethane or epoxy-resin (potting). A bubble-free discharge of the material is achieved through the use of high-precision gear pumps and special mixing chamber and stirrer designs.

To apply foamed control cabinet door seals, the mixing head moves fully automatically and precisely via a 3-axis handling system. High dosing accuracy and reproducibility are required.

Construction & Recycling

Spray nozzles, screens and machine linings. In the construction and mining industries, the high wear resistance of PUR parts is a key benefit. Polyurethane concrete spray nozzles, stirrers, screens, screw conveyors or machine linings are also characterized by their high resistance to hydrolysis under the toughest conditions.

This industry requires robust and reliable equipment that is easy to operate and maintain.

Automotive & Special Vehicles

In particular, the automotive industry and its suppliers need powerful and reliable systems, which can also be integrated into fully automatic production systems due to the usually high quantities.

Whether for gluing applications or in the manufacture of lightweight composite parts, it is important to maintain the exact mixing ratio and optimal mixing so that the high demands on the end product can be guaranteed.

Molded Concrete Parts, Wood & Stone Imitats

Due to the high wear resistance of PUR, dosing funnels, spray nozzles, stirrers or so-called “fall brakes” made of this material are used when processing concrete, for example.

Just like with silicone, negative molds of stone or wood surfaces can also be cast with PUR elastomers. Imitations of stone tiles and slabs can be casted in it with concrete, for example.

If polyurethane elastomers or foams are used, wood or decorative imitations for floor, ceiling and wall coverings can also be produced in such forms. The color dosing units of our machines enable realistic and deceptively real replicas.

Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

In addition to the well-known advantages of polyurethane such as low abrasion, high cut resistance, etc. this industrial sector also requires components that are chemically or biologically resistant.

Pump parts, sieves, funnels, but also seals and fittings are manufactured with our casting machines.

Medical Technology

Polytec systems made of stainless steel, which ensure precise and continuous control and regulation of the material flows of each individual component, enable a wide range of medical applications.

Among other things in the production of earplugs, implants and prostheses.

Paper & Cardboard Industry

In paper and cardboard production and processing, but also in the printing sector, rollers of various sizes and designs are used. These usually have a coating of polyurethane or, depending on the area of application, silicone, epoxy resin or fibers soaked in epoxy resin (composite).

In close cooperation with our customers and many projects worldwide, a large know-how could be built up in this business – regardless of whether the cylinders/rollers are coated in the standard mold casting process or in the meantime widespread rotary coating process (ribbon flow process).

The sophisticated technology and high-quality solutions of our mixing and dosing machines ensure the process reliability required and the quality expected for your finished product.

Conveyor & Drive Technology

Parts in the conveyor and drive technology are usually exposed to high dynamic loads, which can be implemented excellently with polyurethane. Because of the very good adhesion between polyurethane and a metal core as well as the dampening properties of this material noise emissions can be minimized in a machine.

In addition, polyurethane does not stain and leaves no traces on your conveyed goods. Wheels, transport rollers, screening stars or conveyor belt scrapers are just a few of the parts that are produced with our customer-specific dosing machines.

Environmental Technology

In the manufacture of rotor blades and seals for windmill drives, resin or PUR elastomer systems are processed on Polytec systems.

In order to manufacture the rotor blades, which are up to 50 m long, a high discharge rate and an automatic refilling system are required to enable a continuous production process.

Maritime & Offshore Industry

Whether above water, on the water or under water – for applications in this area, UV and seawater resistance are particularly important, but often also the abrasion resistance of the products used in this area.

When manufacturing such products, application-specific material systems and various additives and/or colors have to be processed, which require customer-specific solutions.

Whether for buoys or fenders, suction or filling lines for ships or parts for underwater cables and pipelines such as protective coatings, ballast or floating modules, or so-called “bend restrictors“ – The flexible design of our multi-component systems and the additional color and additive dosing units that can be used guarantee high operational reliability and high quality of your end product.