Peripheral Equipment

Can’t do it, doesn’t exist!

Various peripheral equipment, that might be needed around the Casting Machine complement our vast product range.

For different material systems or applications, as well as your individual production processes and requirements, we offer tailor-made solutions with which you can not only increase your productivity, but also the quality of your end-product and the safety for your employees.

Due to the close cooperation with our customers but also with our sister companies, we have been able to build up extensive know-how in this area over the last 3 decades.

This includes besides others:

  • Prepolymer Reactors
  • Re-filling or Stirring stations
  • “Built-on” or “Stand-alone” Melter (e.g. for Mboca, HQEE or MCDEA)
  • Centrifugal Molds/Spinner to cast mats or plates
  • Multi-axis Mixing head Handling-Systems
  • … and much more

As with the Casting Machines, we attach great importance to a user-friendly design, safety and quality of the components used and ofcourse their processing.
This is decisive for a high availability and low-maintenance operation.

Preparation tank for manual discharge
Drum station with beaker-agitator
Mboca Preparation and Melting Station
Drum Stirring-Station for autom. refilling of machinery tanks
Prepolymer Reactor with autom. Re-filling and manual Keg-Filling
Material Preparation-Tank for heating and degassing of the material
Hoist for tank-lid with agitator during maintenance and service
Ram-Presses with heated press-plate for high viscous materials
Changing station with hoist for Casting Moulds
Moveable trolley with scale
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