Mixing Head Systems

The Mixing Head – Where everything comes together

The Mixing Head designs, depending on the material system and application, are developed and manufactured by us and guarantee an optimal mixing of the individual material components and are characterized by high reliability, easy maintenance and reliable material discharge.

We and our customers benefit from our many years of experience as a machine builder but also as a processor of polyurethane in our two casting shops.

The different designs – from the hand-held 2-component mixing head with static mixing to the heated multi-component mixing head with dynamic mixing and various designs of mixing chambers and rotors – meet all the requirements you need to have to manufacture your high-quality products.

Temperaturefrom 20 to 150°C

Viscosityfrom 1 bis 130.000 mPas

Densityfrom 0,4 to 2,0 g/cm3

Outputfrom 0,015 to 200 kg/min

Your requirement – Is our challenge

The selection of the right mixing and dosing head is crucial, in addition to precise dosing and compliance with the required mixing ratio, so that you can produce a high-quality end product.

Depending on the material system and application, we apply the most suitable mixhead solutions from our product portfolio to our systems.

Whether our hand-held mixing heads with static, roto-static or dynamic mixing, spray mixing heads or our multi-component mixing heads with dynamic or static mixing – We have the right mixing head for your application!