Processing Methods

As diverse as the Applications –
So diverse our Processing Methods

Are you looking for the right Low-Pressure Casting Machine for your application?  We offer tailor-made solutions for the machine processing of Polyurethanes, Adhesives and Sealants, PUR Hot-Cast Elastomers, Casting Compounds, Epoxy Resins, Silicones, RIM Systems, Sealing foams and many kinds of other liquid or pasty media.

Our multi-component Casting Machines are built to your requirements!

Whether POURING, SPRAYING, GLUING or FOAMING – with our machines you can

  • dose faster and more precisely
  • mix more homogeneously
  • apply better

Your Requirements – Our Challenge

The selection of the right Mixing Head is crucial, in addition to precise dosing and compliance with the required mixing ratio in order to produce a high-quality end product. Depending on the material system and application, we offer the most suitable Mixing Head solution.

Whether hand-held Mixing Head with static, roto-static or dynamic mixing, Spray Mixing Head or our Multi-Component Mixing Heads with dynamic or static mixing – We have the right Mixing Head for your application!

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