It doesn’t have to be soft all the time

Low-Pressure Foaming Machines and Mixing Head systems can be used for a wide variety of applications and products.

Foamed Elastic Seals for Control Cabinet Doors, or the manufacture of Ear Plugs are just as possible as the foaming of rigid Foam Insulation for Sanitary-Products or Overland Pipe -Connections.

Optionally, air, nitrogen or other blowing agents can also be metered into the material in order to influence the foam structure and form a fine or coarse-celled structure.

Depending on the type and application of the part to be produced or the material to be processed, the optimally mixed material is poured into open or closed molds or applied directly to a part where it then begins to react and foam.

However, Low-Pressure Foaming Machines are also suitable for the continuous production of semi-finished products such as blocks or Slabs/Panels.