Parts and Coatings
Made of polyurethan – Elastic and wear-resistant.

Machinery and Engineereing
for polyurethane, silicone, epoxy resins, adhesives

Parts and Coatings made of polyurethan

construction and processing technology,
steel and sheet processing,
conveyor technology

Polyurethan Teile

Machinery and Engineering

for polyurethane, silicone
epoxy resins,

Polytec Industrial

Our product portfolio extends from the production of technical molded polyurethane parts and polyurethane coatings for processing technology, special vehicle construction and the steel industry to the construction of casting and dosing systems for reactive plastics (e.g. polyurethane), silicone, resins and adhesives.

We have been dealing with polyurethane for over 35 years and find it exciting every day because our customers constantly challenge us with new individual requirements.

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