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Our product portfolio extends from the production of technical molded polyurethane parts and polyurethane coatings for processing technology, special vehicle construction and the steel industry to the construction of casting and dosing systems for reactive plastics (e.g. polyurethane), silicone, resins and adhesives.

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Whoever does what he already can always stays what he already is. POLYTEC INDUSTRIAL is constantly evolving when it comes to new applications for polyurethane parts or new polyurethane formulations, as well as in the field of mechanical and plant engineering where the latest technical possibilities are continuously being integrated to make plastics more precise, faster and more reliable To be able to process polyurethane, silicone, resins etc.

After 35 years, Ulrike Huemer – Co-Founder of the Polytec Group – is retiring from the operational management of Polytec Industrial. She will remain with us as a partner for strategic issues.

Polytec Elastoform, Polytec Thelen and Polytec EMC Engineering are now managed by Co-Partner Peter Stinshoff, who will be supported by Reinhard Kirchmeir. In addition, Johannes Winkler has taken over the management of Polytec EMC Engineering.

After the economic spin-off from Polytec Holding, Polytec Industrial also presents itself independently in terms of branding and clearly presents this with a new corporate design.

At the end of the year, a new logo and the new slogan “PURe PASSION” were presented. As a result, the entire corporate design was changed and the external appearance adjusted.

In this way, we have taken the next step for a continued successful history, which above all should further strengthen the synergies between the companies.

The focus of Polytec Holding shifted more and more to plastic solutions for the automotive industry and more complex modules for other industries. The companies of the Industrial division (Polytec Elastoform GmbH, Polytec Thelen GmbH and Polytec EMC Engineering) continued to focus on industrial applications of polyurethane and on the development and production of casting systems for reactive plastics, respectively. In these areas, Polytec Industrial grew organically to become one of the major players in the European market.

Due to a lack of future-oriented synergies within the Group, it was decided to sell this division or to change part of the ownership. With the investments of RSAG and Invest AG, the course for further growth has been set. The long-time co-shareholders (Ulrike Huemer and Peter Stinshoff) remain involved and active in the company as managing directors.

Planning the expansion of the Marchtrenk site by 1,800 square meters to 6,500 square meters of production space.

2008 the ownership structure was restructured and Mr. Stinshoff contributed his Thelen share to POLYTEC INDUSTRIAL. Today he holds 30 percent of POLYTEC INDUSTRIAL and manages the business of all three companies together with Ulrike Huemer.

Thanks to technological expertise, flexibility and high quality manufacturing, POLYTEC ELASTOFORM and POLYTEC THELEN are now represented in almost all branches of industry. Together with the sister company POLYTEC EMC ENGINEERING, they have developed into a competent partner in the field of technical polyurethane molded parts.

After purchasing a piece of land, a new, modern administration building and a new production hall with attached mold warehouse will be built at the Bochum location in 2007. This increases the production area to 6,000 square meters.

The Marchtrenk site was expanded to 4,700 square meters in 2003.

Expansion of the building system at the Bochum site in 2000 to 3,500 square meters.

In 1995 Friedrich Huemer acquired a majority stake in one of the most important competitors in the market for polyurethane processing, the German company Thelen, and thus completed today’s POLYTEC INDUSTRIAL. The Bochum-based company was one of the first companies to use high-pressure spray polyurethane for industrial wear protection coatings. The market expansion in Germany began with the formulation know-how of the Austrians.

POLYTEC’s strategy of almost always continuing to manage the acquired companies in unchanged form came into play here; Managing Director Peter Stinshoff continues to direct the fortunes of the Bochum location.

In 1994 the building area at the Marchtrenk site was expanded again to 3,900 square meters.

The next milestone followed in 1990 when the Swiss casting plant manufacturer Spritztechnik was taken over and moved to Upper Austria. The resulting POLYTEC EMC is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of systems for dosing multi-component, liquid plastics.

The Marchtrenk site was expanded in 1989 and expanded from a base area of 1,000 square meters to 2,600 square meters.

In 1988 Mr. Huemer bought the Sempollan department of his former employer Semperit and the strategy of growth through the acquisition of companies began. At the same time, the new production facility in Marchtrenk began.

Driven by the idea of being independent, Friedrich Huemer and his wife Ulrike founded the company POLYTEC Kunststoffververarbeitunggesellschaft in 1986 and laid the foundation stone for today’s POLYTEC INDUSTRIAL.

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We, the Polytec Elastoform GmbH (Registered business address: Austria), would like to process personal information with external services. This is not necessary for the use of the website, but allows us to interact even more closely with them. If desired, please make a choice: