Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

The changeable material

TPU, which is mainly used in the area of Injection Molding or Extrusion, goes through a multi-stage manufacturing process.

The liquid raw materials, various Polyols and Isocyanates, will, same as for Polyurethane Elastomers, be mixed with the addition of a chain extender on
our Casting Machines and then poured into a mold for the production of 
so-called “TPU-Bricks”.

These bricks will be then shredded in a mill to “TPU-Granuls”, to be then finally processed in an Injection or Extrusion Machine.

TPU is used e.g. for the production of Extruded Profiles and Sheets, in the Automotive Industry as well as for the production of Shoe Soles.

In addition to the Casting Machines, we also supply Preparation Tanks or Melter for special Amine Crosslinkers such as Mboca, HQEE or MCDEA, and in cooperation with our partner companies Heating Tables or even continuous Furnaces for post curing.

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