Polyurethane Foams

From soft to hard

With Low-Pressure Dispensing Machines, hard or soft cellular Polyurethane parts can be foamed. The use of special mixing chamber and stirrer designs ensures the desired foam structure (pore size, density and distribution).

Optionally, air or nitrogen can also be mixed into the material in order to influence the foam structure. Depending on the type and application of the part to be produced or of the material to be processed, the optimally mixed material is then poured into an open or closed mold in order to harden therein.

Among others, products as rigid foam sheathing of Sanitary Components can be produced as well as e.g. Earplugs. For highly mechanically stressed parts, a layer of Polyurethane Elastomer can be poured onto the foamed part to form a wear-resistant surface.

Special properties such as Flame Retardant or Light Resistance can be achieved by adding various Additives or Filler.

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