Special Solutions

Progress is based on Innovation and Experience

Innovative solutions are the result of the demands that our customers place on us. That is why our machines are constantly being improved to raise the quality and reliability to a higher level.

Due to the increasingly complex requirements of the material systems to be processed, as well as our customers process and production requirements, experience, technical competence and flexibility are required.

We deliver customer-specific solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements and wishes.

This not only applies to our casting machines, but also to the associated mixing heads and mixing head booms.

Depending on the work area to be covered, such booms can have radii of up to 3 meters or more and Mixing Heads that can be moved electrically in the horizontal and / or vertical axis via linear guides.

Thus not only allowing to cover large work areas, but especially to increase ergonomics and safety for the operator.

6-Component Dispensing Machine with customized Boom (horizontally and vertically driven)
Multiple Colour- and Additive valves with recirculation
Casting Machine for potting filter inserts with Polyurethane
Nylon Dispensing Machine for high volume production line
Mixing Head Boom with electro-pneumatic weight compensation
Powerful Multi-Component Mixing Head for Polyurethane Elastomers (PUR)
Customer specific boom with articulated arm (R=3m)
Fully automated Casting Machine with Melting- and Refilling-Station forMboca
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