Multi-Component Mixing Head

The Versatile

Polytec EMC has developed and uses special Valve Technology to allow processing of various material systems with different viscosities, process temperatures and flow-rate on a high accuracy.

At the same time, the stainless steel parts used on the mixing head combine precise dosing and mixing with a minimum of wear and maintenance.

The special sealing systems allows counter pressures of well over 60 bar, which means they can be used in a wide variety of casting processes as required especially for rotational coating of rollers.

Different valve sizes, depending on the material system, it´s viscosities and flow-rates, are available to suit your application and process.

In connection with the different mixing chamber designs and sizes, an optimal mixing result will be achieved.

Material and output specific mix chamber and rotor designs
Mixing Head with recirculation and 3 Colour Dosing Units, autom. flushing
Special Mixing Head with 15 component valves
Stainless steel Mixing Head for Cast-Polyamide (Nylon)
Mixing rotor for Polyurethane Foams
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Technical Data:

Temperaturefrom 20 to 150°C

Viscosityfrom 1 to 130.000 mPas

Densityfrom 0,4 to 2,0 g/cm3

Outputfrom 0,15 to 200 kg/min


  Colour- or Additive Dosing

  Solvent- or Component Flushing

  Mixing Head Boom with XYZ-Linear Axis movement

  N2- or Air Injection directly into the mixing chamber (with flow controller)

  Double jacket mixing chambers for heating or cooling

  ... and some more

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