Hand-Held Mixing Head

Small and handy

These mixing heads, which are basically unheated, allow hand-held and free positioning during casting. Depending on the version, there are optional outriggers with a spring balancer for weight relief and more ergonomic handling.

Depending on the material and design, output rates of a few grams / min. up to 6 kg / min. are possible.

Optional rinsing options as well as color or additive injection are also available.


  • 2-component mixing head with static mixing
  • 2-component mixing head with roto-static mixing
  • 2-component mixing head with dynamic mixing
  • 2-component mixing head for spraying
  • optionally with Colour or Additive injection
Roto-static mixing via pneumatic motor and disposablemixing tube, manual flushing
Roto-static mixing via 24 V-Motor and disposable mixing tube, solvent free
Roto-static mixing via pneumatic motor and mixing chamber, channel rinsing
Dynamic hand-held Mixing Head with exchangeable colour valves
2-Component Mixing Head with static mixing, air-flushing
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Technical Data:

TemperatureUnheated (material temperatures from 20 to 40°C can be processed)

Viscosityfrom 1 to 20.000 mPas

Densityfrom 0,4 to 2,0 g/cm3

Outputfrom 0,15 to 15 kg/min


  Colour or Additiv dosing

  Solvent Flushing

  Mixing Head Boom with balancer

  Integration into a customer-side process automation

  ... and some more

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