DG 109
The Reliable One

The DG 109 Series is particularly suitable for industrial use in manual, semi-automated or fully automated applications. Different drive and dosing solutions in connection with numerous options enable customer-specific solutions for the highest demands.

The use of high-quality components is a guarantee for efficiency and quality, while at the same time providing maximum process and process reliability.

A powerful PLC control and the optional automatic flow rate measurement enable integration into fully automatic production lines.

DG 109 with water Heating-Unit for Tank A+B
DG 109 Special with Boom for Multi-Component Mixing Head
Volumetric Flow-Control to control and adjust the mixing ratio
Vacuum Pump with Woulff´sche Bottle
Dispensing Machine with 3-Axes Linear-Handling
Water or Thermo Oil Heating-Unit (up to 90 or 130°C)
Multi-Component Mixing Head with Rezirculation, el. Heated
Roto-static Mixing head with manual flushing
Electronic Pressure-Sensor with optical and accoustical alarm
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Technical Data:

Outputup to 15 kg/min

Tank Volumes16, 34 of 60 Liter

Temperatureup to 90°C

Viscosityon request

Density on request


  Solvent: for cleaning the mixing chamber or mixing tube

  Mixing Heads: dynamic, static or roto-static/roto-dynamic

  Colour or Additiv dosing

  Agitator for tanks


  Heating of the component lines (tanks, pumps, hoses, mixing head)

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