DG 108
The Compact One

DG 108 is a mobile and compact solution for casting and spraying of cold or hot processed materials. A freely programmable controller with up to 10 adjustable casting times and pot life monitoring with an acoustic and visual alarm enable simple and safe operation of the system.

Thanks to the mixing ratio, which can be adjusted by changing coq-wheels, and a variable output of up to 5kg/min. the DG 108 becomes a versatile production machine.

Mixing & Dispensing Machine DG 108 with roto-static Mixing Head
Metering unit with Pulley-Wheels
Hand-Held Mixing Head with pneumatic motor and disposable Mixing Tube (roto-static)
DG 108 with el. Heated Tanks and Solvent flushing
Mixing Head with Dynamic Mixing and Spray-Nozzle
Mixing Head with Dynamic Mixing and exchangeable Colour Valves
Solvent tank with minimum Level Sensor and alarm
Colour Dosing Unit with 2L PE-Tank and Agitator
Vacuum Pump with collection container (Woulff´sche Bottle)
2-Component Hand-Held Mixing Head with dynamic mixing
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Technical Data:

Outputup to 5 kg/min

Tank volumes16, 34 of 60 Liter

Temperatureup to 60°C

Viscosityon request

Densityon request


  Solvent: for cleaning the mixing chamber or mixing tube

  Mixing Heads: dynamic, static or roto-static/roto-dynamic

  Colour or Additiv dosing

  Agitator for tanks


  Heating of the tanks by doublec jacket tanks and water-heating unit or by electrically heated silicone-mat

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