The new look of Polytec Industrial

We have worked with polyurethane for over 35 years and the daily challenges of our customers’ specific projects remain exciting to us. In this way we continue to develop and can now clearly count ourselves among the big players on the European market.

Since we intend to express our innovative flair visually as well, we have commissioned a relaunch of our entire advertising impression. Our objective is in future years to respond to the needs of our customers even more exhaustively and to strive to even exceed their requirements. We have together with a selected advertising agency defined the core elements of our new presence in a positioning workshop. Our deliberations focussed on the clear positioning of our company to the outside world. This involved the clear identification of our unique attributes and the steps to take towards ensuring that our positioning will be effectively perceived by the outside world. The primary objective was to position the company in a way to clearly differentiate and set us apart from the competitors.


  • customer-oriented partner and provider of solutions
  • offering new and innovative products
  • and a reliable source of solutions to
  • customer requirements. 

Wine red and anthracite company colours were chosen based on the existing logo and a clear, yet characteristic style typography was chosen for the lettering. The company designation “Industrial” unites the two “parts” and “machinery” branches of the company.

The round signet with the integrated letter P, a symbolic representation of a casting channel, serves to graphically link the two divisions of the company.

The slogan PURe PASSION is a play on words, comprising the two words PUR (= short for polyurethane) and the word “pure”. The intention is to, in a figurative sense and in conjunction with the word “passion”, express our “pure passion” for polyurethane.

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