We make polyurethane glow



Polyurethane is a very good material when it comes to mechanical properties such as low abrasion, high cut resistance, high ductility and permanent elasticity. Wherever an elastic component or flexible coating with special mechanical wear resistance and exceptional chemical/biological resistance is required, components made of polyurethane are used successfully.

But we go one step further and make polyurethane shine.

A creative idea in an innovation meeting became reality. We looked for a possible area of application and found what we were looking for in the private aviation sector. Chocks (wedges) made of polyurethane are used to secure aircraft in the parking position. At smaller airports, the parking positions are not always as perfectly illuminated as at airports for scheduled traffic, so luminous chocks can provide a plus in safety.

The (after)glowing effect is created by a phosphorescent polyurethane. UV radiation (e.g. sunlight) excites atoms and molecules in the polyurethane, causing it to glow in the dark. The luminosity depends on the irradiation time as well as the size of the phosphorescent polyurethane component and can last for several hours.

Do you see a possible application for luminescent polyurethane? Please feel free to contact us.

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