Polytec and the soccer world championship



Hamad International Airport in Qatar is the largest aviation hub in the Arab world. After an extensive test phase, the operators decided in favor of polyurethane chocks (or brake shoes) from POLYTEC INDUSTRIAL.

When the Soccer World Cup takes place in Qatar in 2022, teams, spectators and media representatives from all over the world will be arriving by plane in a short period of time. Coping with this is a major challenge for the ground staff on the runway.

Our polyurethane chocks are used on the runways of many international airports to secure parked aircraft. Here the material polyurethane with its diverse properties has prevailed against rubber or wood solutions. Since no plasticizers are used, polyurethane chocks remain flexible for years; in contrast to rubber chocks, which can become brittle after a few years.

Even at temperatures from -30 ° C to + 80 ° C, a polyurethane chock is still flexible and stable enough to adapt to the surface and thus guarantee an even surface.

The possibility of coloring chocks in signal colors ensures even more visibility and thus security.

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