110% PURformance due to additives



Synergy + Ideas = Solutions

Our own development of polyurethane formulations (Tecthan, Thelan and Sylothan) gives us enormous flexibility in adapting to customer-specific requirements. This clearly distinguishes us from processors of ready-made polyurethane systems. 

But we are not satisfied with that, we want to go one step further with our customers. Thus, our development team is constantly working on optimizing the properties of polyurethane for the respective application conditions by using additives. The aim here is to increase the service life of polyurethane components or to make polyurethane fit for a specific application, e.g. through electrical conductivity or resistance to microbes.

Because we unite polyurethane processors and machine builders under one roof, unique synergies are created and new ideas for processing polyurethanes are constantly being developed, such as, for example, the addition of polyurethane additives. For example, the addition of several additives with a wide range of viscosities.

By setting up additive stations on our machines, we are able to add several additives to the polyurethane simultaneously and very precisely, thereby again significantly improving the material properties and thus adapting them to the specific application.

Don’t be afraid to challenge us – we offer you the solution:

This speaks for polyurethane from Polytec

This speaks for casting systems from Polytec

PURformance durch Additive
PURformance durch Additive

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