Highly wear-resistant seals for butterfly valves



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Fittings, such as butterfly valves and gate valves, are used in process engineering to control material flows. Elastomer seals and coatings are used here to ensure proper functioning. When conveying abrasive media, polyurethane is particularly characterized by its high wear resistance and optimum compression set. This guarantees “frictionless” interaction of the conveying elements. This results in significantly longer service lives compared to other elastomers such as EPDM and NBR.

Another challenge is the setting of minimum breakaway torque with simultaneous secure seating and 100% sealing performance as well as void-free functional surfaces. When polyurethane (TECTHAN) is used as the sealing material, this can be achieved and optimized through careful design of the molds in our in-house mold shop and analysis of the material selection in our laboratory.

The use of our high-performance additives [more] (e.g. antistatic), the possibility of processing as FDA material as well as the oil resistance of our TECTHAN allow the application in a wide field of industry, such as EX zones or food applications.

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