Coil mandrel sleeves

Using a mandrel sleeves made of polyurethane offers you the following advantages:

  • Reduction of rejects by preventing indentations on the inner windings
  • Good windability due to the adhesion between the coil and the chopper
  • Avoidance of telescoping
  • Adapts flexibly to the desired diameter
  • No static charge due to the special conductive polyurethane formulation

We offer a wide range of different polyurethane mandrel sleeves for all common mandrel types and mandrel sizes. We process the surface according to your wishes (smooth, grooved, with entry slope, …).

The TECTHAN 3887 polyurethane formulation specially developed for this application has the following properties:

  • Excellent shrinkage and expansion behavior
  • Very good resistance to oils and greases
  • Extreme cut resistance
  • Extreme tear resistance
  • Electrically conductive (optional)