Special Applications

Versatile Problem Solutions

Polyurethane is a wonderful material when it comes to properties such as low abrasion, high cut resistance, high elasticity and permanent elasticity and when the component is chemically or biologically stressed.

This spectrum of properties opens up a broad field of possible problem solutions.

Processing all systemsMDI, TDI and NDI isocyanates as well as polyester, polyether and polycarbonate systems in the hardness range from 40 ShoreA to 75 ShoreD

Use of all technologiesWe cast (in mold and rotational molding), spray and foam polyurethane

Microbe resistantIn contact with biomass

Antistatic | ConductiveFor special rollers and wheels

High temperature resistantIn contact with hot mediums

Use in the food sectorWear-resistant components and coatings according to EU 10/2011 or FDA

UV resistantElastic for a long time despite exposure to sunlight

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