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Versatile problem solutions

The versatility of polyurethane (elastic, antistatic, food-safe, cushioning, …) makes it interesting for use in mechanical engineering. Special properties and solutions to problems can be achieved through special recipes. From use in the food sector to antistatic components. The elastic and damping properties of polyurethane in particular open up many possible uses.

FOOD SAFECan be used in food packaging, suitable according to FDA or EU regulation 10/2011 / No-crush rolls

ANTISTATICPreventing electric charges / drive wheels

Break ResistantPolyurethane does not harden or become brittle / Springs and dampers

Elastic/DampingThe elastic properties are permanently retained / damping elements

Adhesion PU/metalExcellent and durable bonding of the polyurethane coating with a metal wheel body / roller coating

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