Polyurethan Concrete brake

For construction safety, the concrete brake has been developed and patented. The advantages lie in reducing the rebound during concrete discharge and largely preventing hose pendulum motion when material gets clogged.

The proven concrete brake protects against concrete segregation caused by the height of the concrete pump’s fall and leads to a drastic reduction in concrete splatter on workers and surrounding building parts. The new innovation seamlessly combines the hose and polyurethane, completely eliminating the typical metal clamp. This design is compliant with worker protection regulations, and its narrow width allows it to fit into almost any formwork.

Did you know that thanks to the high wear resistance of polyurethane, the concrete brake can transport over 15,000m³ of concrete?

You can obtain the concrete brake through our partner:
beto dec Handels- und Vertriebs GmbH – Die Betonbremse

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