Two color wear resistant coating



of funnels, bunkers & gutters

We offer you a variety of solutions to coat large components with polyurethane against corrosion, wear and/or noise. A particularly clever variant for this is a 2-color wear coating. The first orange layer serves as a signal layer to indicate the wear limit, the second black layer is the actual wear layer.

This solution ensures that a necessary recoating can be detected in good time and thus planned.

We process the high-quality polyurethane spray material THELAN7380 in orange as a signal layer and black as a wear layer. The respective layer thicknesses are individually adapted to the respective requirement.

In addition, we offer a wide range of services with regard to the repair of steel construction, such as blasting, repair welding, painting, … … True to the motto “from old make new”.

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PS: If you would like to carry out smaller repairs yourself, we recommend the cartridge spray system THELAN 7785.

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