One PUR is not always like the next PUR

A special kind of Elastomers

There are a great many polyurethane elastomers. At POLYTEC INDUSTRIAL we have 150 different formulations. These include the outstanding materials TECTHAN and THELAN, whose first-class material properties ensure their excellent PURformance throughout a wide range of applications.

TECTHAN and THELAN are close-mesh cross-linked polyurethane elastomers with a density of more than 1.0 cm3. Their outstanding characteristics include their low abrasion, their simultaneously high stability and high elongation, and a very high recovery capability. Their constant usable temperature range is -40°C to +90°C, although brief temperatures of up to +150°C are possible.


They are processed as a multiple-component system using the casting method for making technically sophisticated moulded parts or using spraying for creating a wear-protection course on large-surface components. POLYTEC ELASTOFORM and POLYTEC THELEN can be used to process virtually any common raw material systems in the hardness range of 40 Shore A to 75 Shore D – which includes Vulkollan®* D15.

Polyurethane characteristics

  • Non-adhesive surfaceNon-adhesive surface
  • AntistaticAntistatic
  • Break-resistantBreak-resistant
  • Permanently elasticPermanently elastic
  • FDA certifiedFDA certified
  • Low plastic deformationLow plastic deformation
  • PU-metal composite bondingPU-metal composite bonding
  • Resistant to hydrolysisResistant to hydrolysis
  • Low temperature flexibility/hot temperature stabilityLow temperature flexibility/hot temperature stability
  • Corrosion protectionCorrosion protection
  • Noise-insulatingNoise-insulating
  • Machine workableMachine workable
  • Resistant to seawaterResistant to seawater
  • Microbe resilientMicrobe resilient
  • Cut-proofCut-proof
  • SprayingSpraying
  • UV-resistantUV-resistant
  • Wear-resistantWear-resistant

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