Did you know...

...that POLYTEC INDUSTRIAL has developed a new TECTHAN® recipe, which can withstand temperatures that far exceed standard polyurethane tolerances. Our newly created TECTHAN® recipe can deal easily with temperatures of up to 150°C under a load of 40 tonnes.

... that using our new THELAN® 7785 cartridge spraying system, our customers can quickly create self-applied, clean, wear-resistant, polyurethane coatings.  


...that all the slopes at the 2014 Olympic Games were prepared using finishers made by POLYTEC INDUSTRIAL and that all snow groomers were fitted with TECTHAN-coated drive wheels?


New coating of vibratory finishing equipments

... that POLYTEC INDUSTRIAL is a full-service partner for repair and coating of vibratory finishing equipments with THELAN-polyurethane from 60 to 1500 liters volume?

... that POLYTEC INDUSTRIAL continuous surface finishing lines with total lengths of up to 8,000 mm provide an entirely seamless, THELAN® polyurethane spray coating with no abutting edges in a single working process. Up to 500 kg of THELAN® polyurethane are processed during coating.  

….dass POLYTEC INDUSTRIAL nicht nur Kleinteile sprühbeschichtet, sondern auch großvolumige Teile, wie z. B. diesen Sandplanfilter mit einem Außendurchmesser von über 4.100 mm, der nach dem Beschichten auf diesem Spezialschrägtransporter verladen wurde. Der Filter wurde im Bereich Außen/Innendurchmesser bis zu den Kammern und der komplette Dom mit THELAN Polyurethan gegen Abrieb und Korrosion beschichtet.


…that a compression spring made of THELAN polyurethane in a hydraulic hammer is subjected to stress at rates of up to 580 times a minute?


…that support wheels made of TECTHAN polyurethane carry a load of 60 tonnes per wheel, day in day out, all over the world – from tropical Uruguay to wintry Russia.


…that hundreds of thousands of road kilometres are kept drivable each and every winter with the aid of components made of TECTHAN polyurethane?


...that snow groomers with a power of over 500 bhp and a torque of 2,000 Nm are actuated by drive wheels made of TECTHAN polyurethane?

…that components made of TECTHAN polyurethane play a considerable role in ensuring wear protection where up to 250 tonnes of stone are broken per hour?

…that due to the high wear resistance of THELAN polyurethane, more than 15,000m³ of concrete are conveyed through the fall brake?

... that concrete spray nozzles made of THELAN polyurethane are employed in tunnel construction, where they spread up to 30m² of concrete per hour?

...that two million containers per year are transported on TECTHAN polyurethane rollers in a logistics system?

Polyurethane – material for all applications

Polyurethane is a high-quality material that is employed in virtually all industrial sectors, wherever a high level of wear resistance is required. Whether in mechanical engineering, plant construction or special-purpose vehicle construction – wherever polyurethane components are found, they perform important functions.

into moulded parts, semi-manufactures, panels and wheels, using the hot-casting method

as an anti-wear and sound-insulation coating using the spray method

in all common types, including MDI, NDI, TDI and polyurea We process polyurethane in compact form...



are polyurethane formulations which are individually coordinated to customer requirements; they are brand names of POLYTEC INDUSTRIAL. Our R&D department enables us to develop custom polyurethane formulations; we meanwhile have more than 150 different formulations available.



is characterised by its great many outstanding properties that make it extremely interesting in a wide range of application areas.

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