Water jet cutting parts
Water jet cutting parts

Water jet cutting parts

By employing water jet cutting technology, it is possible to perform even complex polyurethane panel cutting quickly and cheaply. Thanks to our wide range of polyurethane formulations, we can offer the right polyurethane water jet cut for any application.

Polyurethane water jet cutting is used in municipal vehicles, conveyor systems, blasting cabinets and many more applications. 

The advantage of polyurethane water jet cutting compared to rubber cutting lies in the huge tear growth strength displayed by polyurethane, which prevents holes from pulling out of shape or thin contour cuts from tearing. 

  • Non-adhesive surfaceNon-adhesive surface
  • Break-resistantBreak-resistant
  • Permanently elasticPermanently elastic
  • Low plastic deformationLow plastic deformation
  • Resistant to hydrolysisResistant to hydrolysis
  • Low temperature flexibility/hot temperature stabilityLow temperature flexibility/hot temperature stability
  • Noise-insulatingNoise-insulating
  • Machine workableMachine workable
  • Resistant to seawaterResistant to seawater
  • Microbe resilientMicrobe resilient
  • Cut-proofCut-proof
  • UV-resistantUV-resistant
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