Vulkollan(r) rolls and whells

Vulkollan(r) rolls and whells

Vulkollan is particularly suitable for applications with high dynamic loads as well as impact and shock loads. We do not deliver standard reels or bulk goods, but wheels and reels that are specifically tailored to the customer. This makes us extremely flexible in terms of design and quantity. Whether one-off or series production doesn't matter.


Vulkollan has the following properties:

  • high impact elasticity
  • high tear resistance
  • good resistance to oils, solvents and petrol


However, it doesn't always have to be Vulkolan. With our TECTHAN and THELAN formulations, we offer a better solution, especially when it comes to areas of application with high humidity.

  • Good adhesion with metalGood adhesion with metal
  • Very abrasion resistantVery abrasion resistant