Mecanum roll
Mecanum roll
Mecanum roll
Mecanum roll

Mecanum roll

By using Mecanum wheels, an incredible maneuverability of vehicles or devices is achieved, which can move in all directions. The system, invented by Swede Bengt Ilon in 1973, was first used by the US Navy until it sold the patent. Since then, the Mecanum wheels have been used in industrial trucks, mobile transport devices and much more. used.


We at POLYTEC INDUSTRIAL incorporate our many years of know-how and offer the suitable polyurethane coating for your use of Mecanum wheels or develop it together with you.


Being able to meet requirements such as antistatic, electrically conductive, microbe-resistant, conforming to regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 for the food sector ... is our advantage compared to standard suppliers.




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  • Antistatic / electrically conductiveAntistatic / electrically conductive
  • Good adhesion with metalGood adhesion with metal
  • Resistant to acids, bases, oilsResistant to acids, bases, oils
  • Very abrasion resistantVery abrasion resistant