Ejector springs

Ejector springs

In tool and fixture construction, ejector springs made of polyurethane are used, which have to meet a wide variety of requirements. A rough distinction is made between a resilient (energy-conserving) or a damping (energy-absorbing) function.


The essential parameters for the successful use of polyurethane are:

  • Mechanical properties (spring characteristics, tendency to settle, compression set, rebound resilience, hysteresis ...)
  • Chemical resistance to hydrolysis, solvents, fats, ...


Since we develop the polyurethane formulations used ourselves, we can respond precisely to your requirements.

  • Stretchy and unbreakableStretchy and unbreakable
  • Resistant to low and high temperaturesResistant to low and high temperatures
  • Resistant to acids, bases, oilsResistant to acids, bases, oils