DG 200 Serie
The High-End Production Machine

This professional machine serie for up to 6 component lines convinces with the highest processing quality and enables tailor-made solutions for almost all requirements.

Whether tank sizes up to over 2,000 liters or output rates up to 200 kg/min. – The DG 200 is built according to your wishes. Double jacketed tanks with efficient heaters or additional cooling devices allow for precise temperature control but also for reduced heat-up times.

The freely programmable PLC control with optional process visualization and logging guarantees the highest product quality with process reliability at the same time!

Thanks to the modular design, the system layout can be adapted to your application and the space available.

The use of different dosing pump designs such as gear or worm pumps also allows the processing of abrasive and filled material systems.

Casting Machine for Nylon, fully heated (max. 150°C)
Dosing Machine with Maintenance and Service Platform, 60L Vacuum collection container
5-Component Dispensing Machine with integrated Mboca-Melter
Nylon Casting Machine, moveable on rails
2 Mixing Heads for 2 material systems and outputs (<20, <60 kg/min.)
DG 200 with fully automated Refilling and Degassing Prozess
Compact 2-Component Mixing and Dispensing Machine Type DG 200
Nylon DosingMachine with horizontal moveable Mixing Head (R=4m)

Technical Data:

Outputup to 200 kg/min

Tank Volumes 16 to 2.00 Liter

Temperatureup to 150°C

Viscosityon request

Densityon request


  Colour or Additiv dosing

  Volumetric or Mass Flow control

  Autom. Refilling by refilling-pump or vacuum

  Agitator for tanks: optionally with variable speed

  Vacuum pump: for degassing (and refilling)

  Data Logging

  … and many more!