Why choose Polytec

Developer. Processor. All from a single source.

We as POLYTEC INDUSTRIAL are the flexible specialists for the production of technical molded polyurethane parts and polyurethane coatings. We manufacture in every shape, property and quantity - whether as a series part or one-off production. We process hot and cold casting as well as spray systems. Our polyurethane formulations have been known on the market as TECTHAN and THELAN for many years.


We have been dealing with polyurethane for over 35 years and find it exciting every day because our customers constantly challenge us with new individual requirements.

Own polyurethane development 

By consistently orienting ourselves to the requirements of our customers, we have built up a great pool of polyurethane formulations (TECTHAN and THELAN) over the past decades, which allows us to respond to a wide variety of requirements. Due to the high level of innovation of our long-standing customers, the development does not end here either, so that new polyurethane recipes emerge from new challenges.


We do not rely on manufacturers of finished polyurethane systems, we develop them ourselves in our research and development office. This is equipped with the most modern measuring, testing and testing facilities. With our own climate chamber, we can simulate a wide variety of operating conditions and develop appropriate solutions.

Processing of all polyurethane systems 

With a pool of 150 polyurethane formulations, it is clear that we process all polyurethane systems and can therefore offer our customers the best solution. These include the classic MDI systems with polyether or polyester polyol, heavy-duty TDI systems, the well-known Vulkollan® based on NDI, and polyurethane systems based on polycarbonates, which have excellent properties with regard to temperature and chemical resistance.


A key reason for our high and consistent quality is that we only work with the latest multi-component casting systems from POLYTEC EMC Engineering.

From individual pieces up to series 

Components made of polyurethane have a very wide range of applications. The range of quantities is correspondingly broad. It ranges from the re-coating of a vibratory finishing machine with sprayed polyurethane, to the production of polyurethane mold parts in series of a few hundred pieces, to the highly automated production of polyurethane components with steel inserts on a rotary molding machine.

2g to 1,600kg component weight 

Thanks to our large and modern machinery, we cover a wide range of possible component sizes and geometries, from coating small rocker arms with a 2g polyurethane coating to casting press cushions with 1,600kg polyurethane.

Are you looking for an elastic, wear-resistant and durable component?

Then you are exactly right with us!


Our range

Passion Creates Innovation

We take a lot of time for our customers and listen carefully when you tell us about the requirements and environmental conditions of the polyurethane component to be developed. So we can find the optimal solution together. Because our long-standing customers know that the right recipe can enormously extend the service life of the component. That is why we do not focus on price, but rather on a solution that enables our customers to operate economically. In addition to an ideal solution, this also means consistent quality and high delivery reliability.


First we listen to you.


The more detailed you describe your requirements to us, the better we can match the product to your operating conditions. Due to the wide range of industries, we have built up a great deal of expertise in the development and processing of polyurethane in the 35 years of our existence, which we would be happy to incorporate into your product. We are experts in our field and offer our expertise through PUR consulting.


We are happy to assist you with our technical advisors on site in your company.

Research and development 

If your requirements are so special and we are unable to cope with any of our 150 polyurethane formulations, then there is nothing standing in the way of developing a new polyurethane formulation in our in-house R&D office. Our team is happy about every new challenge.


We also always surprise our customers with the analytical skills we have when it comes to determining environmental conditions in use. It is particularly important for us to find out what loads (mechanical, chemical, ...) our polyurethane components are exposed to. From this knowledge, we can derive improvements and optimize the polyurethane formulation.

Mold & fixture construction 

Of course, molds and devices are required for the production of molded polyurethane parts. Regardless of whether we have it manufactured in-house, at one of our sister companies or at one of our long-term external partners, we take care of an economical and timely implementation.


A well-planned and made shape is the prerequisite for a perfect polyurethane molded part.

Preparation of the inserts 

There is also the option of pouring inserts made of aluminum, steel or other materials into a polyurethane component or applying coatings thereon.

In order to achieve perfect adhesion, careful preparation of the inserts is crucial. The pretreatment is based on three steps: First, the inserts are washed to remove oily residues, then the inserts are blasted. Blasting is done with our own sandblasting systems and a continuous blasting system for serial parts. In the case of particularly large-volume parts, we switch to a partner in the vicinity who has been with us for many decades.

The last step is the application of the adhesion promoter or primer that forms a chemical connection with the polyurethane.

Casting polyurethane 

We have great flexibility with the addition of additives and processing of a wide variety of polyurethane formulations on the most modernly equipped polyurethane casting machines, which are developed and built by our global sister company POLYTEC EMC ENGINEERING. All polyurethane casting systems are linked to the operational data acquisition, which enables us to achieve a very high and consistent quality, as we always have the essential parameters in view.


We process all raw material systems (MDI, TDI and NDI isocyanates as well as polyester, polyether and polycarbonate systems) in the hardness range from 40 ShoreA to 75 ShoreD - this also includes Vulkollan® * D15. The polyurethane formulations of Polytec Industrial have been known on the market as TECTHAN and THELAN for decades and are successful.

Spraying polyurethane 

In the spray area, we offer a wide variety of polyurethane systems on four high-pressure systems. Our standard ranges from the polyurethane wear protection system to polyurea systems to the DIN / EN approved corrosion protection system. The mobile on-site coating rounds off the department's offer.

In contrast to the rubber coating, the THELAN spray coating offers a seamless coating for your components.

Customizing of plates 

Using the rotary casting process, we produce mats in various polyurethane formulations up to 4000x500x10 mm or in the classic polyurethane casting process blocks up to 3000x1000x30mm.


On the one hand, we can adapt the thickness of the polyurethane sheets or blocks according to your requirements, on the other hand we offer a cutting service (according to dxf contour or rectangular cut).

Mechanical machining 

Depending on the requirements, the parts are deburred, turned, grooved or ground after casting. We are also happy to take over the finished assembly of components or smaller assemblies.


Finally, we offer our customers the service of customer-specific packaging, targeted warehousing and worldwide delivery. Our customer service also includes the provision of serial parts in the Kanban system.

Seamless process 

The entire order process - from the offer to delivery - is handled by a modern ERP system that is optimized to our requirements. All article data (recipe, drawings, work instructions, test instructions, ...) are stored and made available to the employees on the working papers. In this way we guarantee very high adherence to delivery dates and fulfill the specified component characteristics.