Logistics and transport technology

Drive, reverse and damper

Polyurethane performs these tasks excellently. The very good adhesion between polyurethane and a metal core enables high dynamic loads. Polyurethane does not stain and does not leave any marks on your conveyed goods. The very good noise insulation of polyurethane minimizes noise emissions in the system.

DURABILITY PU/METAL. Excellent and durable bonding of the polyurethane coating with a metal wheel body/castors and wheels.

LOW HYSTERESIS. With special polyurethane formulations, the flexing work and therefore the internal heating is reduced. This is crucial in continuous operation / rollers and wheels.

No visible wear . Unlike rubber, polyurethane does not produce visible abrasion / push-off head.

Elastic/damping. The damping coating protects the system and the conveyed material on the one hand, but also the employees by significantly reducing noise / gripper.

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