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We offer solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs and draw on our decades of experience as a machine builder and processor of polyurethane.

Well over 1,000 systems sold worldwide in a wide variety of applications and industries have led to continuous further development of our Dispensing Machines and possibilities.

Integration into existing production lines and automation solutions, flow rate measurement and control systems, micro-dosing for additives and catalysts, mixing heads with up to 12 components that can be used simultaneously, as well as data recording via OPC interface and product data acquisition (QR code reader) are just a fraction of this.

Tell us your requirements – We are happy to take on the challenge!

Coriolis Flow meter to control/regulate the mixing ratio/output
QR-Code or Barcode Reader for Production-Data logging
Catalyst Dosing Unit with Volumetric Flow Control at the Mixing Head
Key-Switch on all motors for maintenance and service work
Moveable „Stand-Alone“ Operator Panel
Colour/Additive Dosing Units with agitator and minimum level sensor
Operator Panel at the Mixing Head to change casting parameters (e.g. output, recipies)
2L-PE/5L or 16-60L Stainless-Steel-Tanks for Colours/Additives
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