POLYTEC & Polyurethan

A perfect association

POLYTEC ELASTOFORM in Marchtrenk, Austria and POLYTEC THELEN in Bochum, Germany have been processing polyurethane elastomers for the last 30 years and creating moulded parts and coatings for the entire industry under the brand names of TECTHAN and THELAN.


The annual processed volume is more than 1,600 t. Our process stages take in on-site technical consultation, the development of our own systems, and the production of moulded parts, and also include the entire area of logistics management.

Process stages

All the way to PURfection!

Consultancy & Engineering

At POLYTEC ELASTOFORM and POLYTEC THELEN, the focus is on the customer. Which is why we offer you the possibility to involve us at an early phase, in the consultancy and development stage. Our technical advisers will be happy to perform these services for you on your premises. The advantage of this early integration is that it allows us to utilise our experience in the field of polyurethane processing, thus facilitating faster and more effective component construction.

Research & Development

In line with the rising demands of our customers, we develop new formulations and refine existing ones in our own laboratory. From our range of 150 formulations, we can locate the exact one to fit your requirements. Feel free to challenge us!

Mould & tool construction

Before moulded parts can be made, it is first necessary to engineer and produce the tools. By performing our own mould and tool construction, we are able to produce tools at optimum cost with a fast throughput time. The initial sample test report is part of the standard scope of supply.


When combining metal parts with TECTHAN and THELAN polyurethane, the priority is to ensure good adhesive bonding between the materials. By using our own blasting systems, we have this process fully under our own control; these include a continuous-flow blasting machine for series parts, a manual blasting cabinet for fine surfaces, and a blast room for large components.

After blasting, the components are washed and subsequently coated with bonding agents in exhaust air systems. This ensures an optimum bond between the metal base material and the polyurethane coating.

PUR casting

We process almost all polyurethane systems, including Vulkollan®* D15, in more than 20 modern, multiple-component casting systems made by POLYTEC EMC.

Output rates of 100g up to 70kg per minute are sufficient to completely cover the entire range of small moulded parts with a coating weight of 2g to large moulded parts with an operating weight of 1600kg. Mould carrier systems and CNC-controlled mixing heads ensure series-component production at optimum cost.

PUR spraying

We offer a wide range of polyurethane systems in our spraying facility's four high-pressure systems. Our standard service ranges from a polyurethane wear-protection system to polyurea systems and on to a DIN/EN certified corrosion protection system.

The department also offers an on-site, mobile coating service. In contrast to rubber coating, the THELAN spray coating offers a seamless coating solution for your components.

Panels, blocks and splitting

In addition to moulded parts, we also produce sheets up to a size of 4000 x 500 x 15mm and blocks up to a size of 3000 x 1000 x 25mm, made of hot-cast TECTHAN or THELAN in our casting department. Naturally, we also produce custom formats upon request. These are possible split down to a thickness of up to 1mm.

Mechanical rework

Our aim is to employ a good mould design that turns out components that are as far as possible in a finished state; this allows us largely to dispense with any mechanical rework. However, this is not always possible. It is in such cases that we employ CNC-controlled lathes and milling machines. Simple two-dimensional forms can be cut to size using water jet cutting.


We also offer customers an all-round service to complement our moulded part casting. For us, this includes the procurement of steel parts and the complete assembling of components or small modules on the premises.

Quality control

In addition to the standard quality tests across all departments, our internal laboratory is also equipped for testing during production. Part-specific bonding tests, physical component tests – such as PURformance on our wheel testing station – and factory test certificates are offered as an additional service.

Logistics & transport

Finally, we also offer our customers a logistics service that includes their own packaging, targeted storage, and worldwide delivery. Our customer service also includes the provision of series parts using the kanban system.

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