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POLYTEC INDUSTRIAL has lots of references & credentials from successful projects

..... That more than 12 million earplugs per year are cast on a DG 200 casting machines made by POLYTEC EMC? The earplugs are cast from a polyurethane material and weigh 0.6g. This requires a high-precision dispensing system.

… that carbon-fibre parts for cars are made using POLYTEC EMC dispensing systems? The dispensing system is used for dispensing and mixing the three-component resin that is applied by robot to the carbon-fibre mats prior to wet pressing. As well as ensuring precise dispensing, the dispensing must also display high availability. All process data relating to the dispensing system is recorded and archived.

… that abrasive pads for silicon plates (wafers) used in electronics are made using POLYTEC EMC dispensing systems? Using the DG 200 dispensing system, several PUR components and additives can be cast in special-purpose moulds. The materials used allow a wide range of output capacities.

…that paper rollers of a length of 12,000 mm and a diameter of 1,500 mm are coated using POLYTEC EMC dispensing systems? The coating, which consists of up to six components, is applied in a rotomoulding process. The weight of the coating on a roller can be up to 1,800 kg. The casting time alone of a coating on a cylinder of such dimensions can be up to six hours, so this is clearly a task for a reliable, high-endurance performer.